In this day and age, with advanced technologies, a bed is no longer just an item that you sleep on, but rather an asset that you rely on. If you stop for a minute and think about it, you spend at least 7 to 8 hours of your 24-hour day in a bed, meaning 33% of your entire life will be on a bed. If one-third of your existence is spent asleep, then you should invest in making sure that time is well spent!

This is why purchasing the right bed is a key component to improving your lifestyle and wellbeing. If you can improve the last 33% of your day with superior rest and posture-support, then the other 66% has a much higher likelihood of being more positive.

Now that you’ve been convinced that a bed is not just for decoration, it’s time to consider how to make the right investment. We all know high-quality items are the start to any great investment, but how does one identify this in a market that is saturated with many misleading brands?

Firstly, always test the bed you buy. A bed is like a pair of shoes, you won’t know if it’s comfortable until you’ve slipped it on. Make sure you become well-acquainted with your bed before making the decision, as this purchase will last you anywhere between 10 to 15 years’ worth of your life.

Understand the differences in beds, and what they can do for you. Some beds are memory foam, which engulf your natural body shape and adapts to the way you sleep, accommodating your entire shape. Other beds have different spring technologies, which can include special coils that support your weight distribution at its optimal level. Other mattresses are made with special fabrics that can assist in regulating heat and moisture from the mattress and your body, to ensure that you are cool and comfortable. Alternatively, some mattresses have natural antibacterial properties to ensure that you maintain hygiene as a top priority, which can prevent acne, back acne and unpleasant rashes on the body.

Now, the aforementioned sounds wonderful, but you need to double check that the bed you’re buying provides at least one of these (depending on what your health needs are). Some bed manufacturers don’t consider these variables and simply sell you a mattress. At the end of the day, if you buy just a mattress, without considering what your body truly needs for optimal sleep, you will be left not feeling like the best version of yourself.

Begin by asking yourself what your body needs to achieve its best rest state. For instance, if you suffer from pressure point discomfort, or require proper spine alignment, or need to enhance blood circulation, then investing in a pocket spring system would be right up your alley.  Only you know what is currently holding you back from the deep sleep state you require, and with that, you should always speak to the person you are buying the bed from about that. The ideal retailer should listen to these problems and address them with a suggested bed that suits your needs.

To put it all together, sleep is important. Your health is even more important. They are inextricably linked, and you should always be selfish in making the jump to caring for yourself as best you can. Talk to a knowledgeable professional about your bed requirements so that you can achieve your best rest state.

With enough shut-eye, the world is your oyster.