Out With the Old and in With the New 

Spring cleaning is not just about redecorating your living space or finally letting go of the layers of clothes that got you through this Winter. Spring cleaning can extend to your sleep. Much like the socks and vests that we wear for comfort and warmth, bed linen gets overlooked as an important factor when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Consider fitted sheets as your armour at night, providing warmth, insulation and comfort, ensuring that you can enjoy a peaceful night’s rest. It can also cool you down much like a specifically designed pillow and premium crafted duvet inners. 

Comfortable & Breathable Bed Linen

Sinking into a comfortable, fresh and clean bed with the right bed sheets can make all the difference to getting a good night’s sleep. Considering that we spend a large amount of time sleeping, it pays to invest in top-quality bed sheets. The quality of a sheet is marked by its thread count, which is the number of threads per square inch of material, the higher the count the softer the sheet – you will be able to tell the difference by touching. At Lunar Sleep Systems we would recommend a count that is two-hundred or more for a sleep experience that is not “sheet”.

Not many consider this but the type of sheets you use should change according to the season you are in.  If your sheets are ripping or have seen better days, then it is a smart idea to invest in a set of good quality bed sheets that are thin and breathable for the warmer months. 

A Duvet Inner That Reflects You 

In addition to switching to lighter sheets during the warmer months, a duvet switch may be in order as well to ensure a restful, uninterrupted and pleasant sleep. Transitioning to a thinner comforter with fewer feathers or upgrading to top quality ethically sourced down in the warmer seasons will definitely lead to fewer sweaty nights for yourself and your partner. 


The duvet is also one that is durable and can last you a long time. The need to throw out the old and in with the new cannot be overstated. If you can raise your duvet to the sunlight and see the inner material separating it is only a matter of time before you need to buy a new one. The collection created at Lunar all have the premium feel and attention to detail you wanted, to own a duvet for a long and happy time. You can find out more about what our duvet inners are like in our range. Our Everysleep and Royal Comfort duvet inner range provide you with a duvet inner for every season with the premium quality needed.

Pillows To Dream For

We have all been there before, we’re getting ready to have a lovely sleep after a long and hard day’s work where the only comfort throughout had been the fact you will soon drift off into deep sleep. But when you lie down after completing your evening routine your head hits the pillow that you have had for years and the soothing effect it once had no longer happens. You don’t seem to drift off. Rather you find yourself lying there, uncomfortable, waiting! Waiting for the situation to change, waiting for the night to end. 

So, you do what anyone would do, you adapt, you move around, you change your environment. You take the almost pancake-shaped pillow – that is filled with so many dreams – and fold it in half to give your neck that extra elevation. That doesn’t work. So you turn it over to feel the cool side of the pillow. It’s only cool for a minute before the heat from both sides permeates through. You try the old caveman technique – no pillow. That only ever last so long before you realise this night is never going to end!

Well if this is a situation known to you, don’t worry about it happening any more – you can rest easy this Spring with Lunar Sleep Systems’ pillow range that is designed by sleep experts to make you sleep when you want to. The range offers a variety of options as we know comfort can be found in a lot of different ways. However, with the hotter months associated with Spring, we recommend a Gel technology pillow to make your nights sleep a breeze. 

Life Changing Sleep 

When you take the time this Spring to go through the motions of cleaning out the house, we recommend a little more time on the bedroom. This is the one room you spend most of your time; be it dreaming of an alternative version of yourself. Assess the three essentials discussed by us here today. Changing just one can lead to a better nights rest but when you change all three, we guarantee life changing sleep for you this new season.