The change of season is upon us in the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn is here to stay for the next three months. If you have ever wondered why you love cuddling up to your partner or pillow during this season, we might be able to explain. It’s for this reason and the all round appreciation of sleep during this Autumn season that Lunar Sleep Systems is giving you a 20% discount on any bed set you purchase between March and May.


Cooler Temperatures

As we know with our very own cool gel memory foam mattress technology, the cooler the bed, the easier and more meaningful the sleep. This is what the Autumn season brings as the temperature starts to drop (although not as cold as it gets in the winter). In the high-veld, the temperature will drop to around 10 degrees celsius on average so we recommend leaving a window open just before you go to sleep, as this will allow a cool breeze to circulate around the room to give you a refreshing sleep. This is a great alternative, if you don’t own a cool gel memory foam mattress that remains cool from the outside leaving you warm and cozy on the inside.


The Night Gets Darker Sooner

With the arc of the sun around the earth lower during Autumn, there is typically less daylight in these three months. The darkness that engulfs South Africa is a great motivator to get to bed sooner, if it means changing up your nightly routine then do it. Sleeping earlier will allow your body more time to rest and enjoy the comfort and benefit of quality sleep. What’s key to take from this is that nature acknowledges the change in light as an indication to get to sleep sooner. A problem that affects all of humanity is that we have created artificial light that disrupts our natural awareness to the seasonal change. Cut out the blue light from your screens a solid hour before dozing off as this has been proven to help with sleep.


The Animals Hibernate

Nature works around the equinox and understands what it means to get prepared for the winter that is coming. Unfortunately, we live in a world that won’t allow you to sleep for months on end, gaining that restorative rest. It’s why we at Lunar Sleep Systems have developed new technologies to help simulate the best sleeping scenario on a mattress that delivers life changing sleep at affordable prices. It’s this investment in quality mattress technology that allows you the opportunity the best night’s sleep.


The Sleep In is Bliss

There is no better moment than waking up, opening your curtains and seeing an overcast day and jumping straight back into bed and getting some extra warmth and comfort from your special someone. This is what makes this season so much fun, everything you do revolves around the bed. Every blog article you read, cup of tea you drink and sneaky snack you eat is always better enjoyed in the land of unbridled comfort. The weekend allows you the opportunity to never leave the bedroom if you’re lucky enough to have no responsibilities or errands to perform.

Whatever the reason, Autumn is the best time to get some quality time for yourself and achieve the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night. It’s why we have given our seasonal special some thought, as we know our specially manufactured, hand-stitched mattresses will be the perfect partner in your quest to achieve the best sleep this Autumn season. Find out more about which bed sets are available on the offer when you visit us online or in store at our Benmore Sleep Studio or Fourways Sleep Studio